Rise of the Runelords

The Fighter, The Sorceress, and the Quasit!

The group returns topside, Zer with one new half-elven ear in his pouch. They return Ameiko to her inn and put Tsuto behind bars, before returning to the Rusty Dragon once more to get some shut eye. It’s been quite a long day for our group of fledgling adventurers.

The morning comes and goes. The group liquidates their loot, but Tael claims one pouch of gold dust for his own, reducing his own share of the gold accordingly. Meanwhile Kazane ventures back to the Clothery to attempt to identify the mysterious shawl they had found before. No such luck was found, but she was able to sell it for a reasonable price.

After all of this, the group reforms and makes their way to the Sandpoint Garrison, where they hope to find Sheriff Hemlock. After a quick chat with tha Shoanti jailor, they are allowed within the small prison. Almost immediantly finding him interrorgating Tsuto, the group watches for a moment before making their presence known. The Sheriff pauses, forcing a smile before thanking them for finding the criminal and expressing his frustration at Tsuto’s close mouthed attitude. The group may be able to help, because they have said criminal’s journal!

Having read the journal at breakfast, the group knows the gist of what the sheriff is reading. The book depicts an almost celestial beauty- one recognized by Zer to be the late high priest’s adopted daughter, an Aasimar. While this beauty is shown in an almost erotic light, she is shown with a demonic hand near the end of the book, and what appears to be a seductive demon of sorts at the end. The book doesn’t only show an idle man’s musings, however, it also shows a detailed plan for the previous raid on Sandpoint and even a number of sketches- most crossed out, for a much larger raid on the hamlet. It even goes on to mention some sort of Quasit holed up beneath the town in the smuggling tunnels that lead out of the Glassworks basement.

The group asks if the sheriff can make heads or tails of the journal, and he can’t identify the creature. But he does know who can; the local sage Brodert Quint. He directs them to him, but not before the group voices their concerns that the culprit might be a succubuss taking the form of the dead girl. The sheriff nods at this, before asking Tsuto in a harsh tone if this is true. The half elf just smirks and spits at the man, before being slugged by a right hook, knocking him out. Before the group leaves Hemlock warns the group that Brodert might be a little eccentric, he even thinks the old stone tower bordering Sandpoint might have once been a warmachine.

Now rightfully concerned, though perhaps not at Hemlock’s warning, the group heads to Brodert’s home beneath the Old Light, a stone monolith standing vigil over Sandpoint. Knocking on the door, the group immediantly hears a crash and an aged voice call out, “Be right there!” The door is then opened by a white haired, elderly human who greets the four warmly, asking what do they need. The group gives them a short explanation of their predicament, before being ushered inside with the promise of tea!

Over a steaming cup of such, Brodert digs out an aged tome, which he promptly opens. He leafs through the book while the group watches in silence, save for Zer, who mutters about the “crazy old man”. Brodert either is hard of hearing or ignores the young man, and goes on to explain that a Quasit is a form of minor demon that, while small, is quite dangerous. With the ability to turn invisible at will, and other minor magical abilities, among them being able to resist damage from weapons that aren’t cold iron, the group is reasonably concerned for their chances. Brodert suggests looking at the Armory for cold iron weaponry. This idea is quickly adopted. The group leaves, but not without Brodert calling out, “And Zer, keep being a good boy!” Zer smiles from ear to ear, but it’s obvious he’s just mocking the old man.

The journey to the armory turns up a quiver of arrows, a polearm, a gladius, and a greatsword. All made of Cold Iron. Kat buys the gladius and Zer the greatsword, while Tael and Kazane each say their magic would be sufficient for the task.



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