Rise of the Runelords

Of Half-Orcs and Wily Women

With Katarina’s kill safe and cooking, the party takes the day off, but not before Katarina searches for some healing from the attack she took from the boar, accompanied by Kazane. This is found in Father Zantus, who is grateful for the aid the heroes gave to the town in last evening’s attack. He heals her free of charge, although he notes that further healing would require a small donation to the cathedral. Kazane questions the Father about the goblin attack, wondering what may have prompted them to do so. The Father shrugs and informs her that the mayor may seek out the party later with more information.

At this point, the party is split between Kazane and Katarina, Zer, and Tael. Zer, deciding to head to the Pillsbug Pantry to have the apothecary, Aliver Podiker, appraise a potion he acquired from the goblin warchanter during the raid. Katarina and Kazane spot him and tag along, Katarina having found a similar potion on the goblin commando. It’s a testament to goblin stupidity that they didn’t use these potions themselves. Continuing on, the party finds themselves in a small dusty store, which would have been mistaken for a home without the pillbug on the sign outside and Zer’s innate knowledge of the town. Zer and Katarina show their potions to the stout apothecary, who reveals their properties as a Potions of Lesser Healing and Moderate Healing, respectively. Zer quickly turns away the apothecary with his stellar skill of name calling, and Katarina joins in on poking fun at the tubby potionmaster.

After a rather uneventful visit to the adjacent Savah’s Armory, Tael catches up to the group after receiving directions from Ameiko. They converse for a moment more before a clanking and huffing Sheriff Hemlock approaches them. After thanking the heroes quickly for their… heroics, he requests for them to follow. After they do so, he explains the situation. The crypt of the previous High Priest; Ezakien Tobyn, has been opened! Fearing the worst, Zantus alerted Hemlock, and the rest is history. Quickly returning to the cathedral and gathering the Father, Hemlock leads the group through the large cemetery while asking them personal questions: where they were from, what plans did they have, and so on and so forth.

Arriving at the crypt, it’s plain to see that there are several small footprints churning up the earth, but there seems to be larger footprints mixed in… but the group can’t make heads or tails of it. Hemlock sends Zantus back to the cathedral before opening the crypt, and releasing two lurching skeletons!

Despite their horrid figures, the skeletons provide even less of a challenge than the goblins of that eve, and crumble to dust as they are slain, weapon and all. Venturing into the small tomb, Hemlock hees and haws at the fact that Ezakien’s remains have been stolen! He’s so flustered that he doesn’t notice a small shawl discarded in the corner, which the group promptly collects with his consent. He warns the group not to notify the town of the graverobbery; he believes that the town had been through enough already. Following that, he dismisses the party, but not without thanking them again.

Following this, the party splits up to do a few different errands. First Katarina goes off in search for poisons while the rest of the party bums it out at the Rusty Dragon. She first asks Aliver at the Pantry, but his frosty attitude toward her shoos her out. After that, she simply wanders around town for a little while, quickly spotting a worn shack overseeing the northern cliff of town. Her eyes alight, she approached the shack and rapped her knuckles on the door.

The door is quickly answered by a portly half-orc who identifies himself as Gorgi. Katarina smiles coyly, asking him if he had anything that would help her clean rats from her “basement.” Gorgi chuckles, patting his large paunch and inviting her inside to help clean out his own basement, with a promiscuous wink to punctuate his over the top flirt. Katarina quickly fled the scene, understanding that she had come to quite the wrong place.

Meanwhile back at the Rusty Dragon, our harsh fighter Zer is competing against a rival of his: the local blacksmith Das Korvut. Although each are obviously strong, hearty men, they both go down after a measly two drinks. So much for the big, strong fighter. Kazane, meanwhile, is attempting to decipher the small piece of cloth found at the crypt. After cleaning and fixing up the cloth, she attempts to find a tailor. She finds one at Vernah’s Clothery. After a brief dicsussion with the tailor, she leaves with a few new materials, a smile, and a contact to speak about the mysterious cloth with later on.

The four reconvene at the Rusty Dragon for a feast! With their noble friend and Katarina to thank, the four dig in. But twas not to be a perfect meal, for a stern looking man barges in, yelling in a foreign tongue that none of the four could understand. Quickly however, he homes in on the groups table, shouting that the group only stirred up more trouble than was needed and got in the way of proper authorities. He is quickly answered by Ameiko however, who rages at him in the foreign tongue. The two fight for a moment, as the party looks on, either intimidated or uncaring. Ending the argument, the man tries to grab at Ameiko, before being repulsed by a well placed ladle-strike. Fleeing the man shouts, “You’re as dead to me as your mother!”

Afterwards Ameiko seems almost in tears, but the two women of the party comfort her. She quickly recovers and proclaims; “I’ll need a well cleaned ladle now, since jackass stew’s not on the menu!” The resulting cheers wipe any speck of melancholy from her face. She quickly goes back to her work, but not before offering the group another week’s room and board at the tavern.

The next day passes, and as the group goes through another round of errands, Tael finds himself the object of many young girls’ affections. Perhaps it’s his foreign mystique or just good looks and heroism combined. Whatever it is, he begins to receive tokens of affections quite often. At one point he is approached by a young woman who introduces herself as Shayliss Vinder, daughter of the local general store owner: Ven Vinder. She states that she has a problem concering rats in her basement, and she needs but one hero to aid her: Tael. This of course earns a number of snickers from the group, but Tael innocently follows.

At the store, Tael is ushered into the basement where he inquires onto the location of the rat infestation. Turning away for just a moment, he turns around to see a now bodice-less Shayliss. Struck dumb with shock, he is lead into an alcove, where Shayliss offers herself to him. However, Tael is awakened from his stupor by the sound of footsteps descending the stairs. He retreats only to find a large man who could only be Mr. Vinder himself raging and fuming at the steps of the stairs! Tael only narrowly avoided the fight by putting the blame on the young woman, though not directly. Ven sighs, quickly losing steam, but tosses him a gold crown for his troubles and apologizes, before leading his daughter away by ear.

Tael returns to the inn, and much joy is had.

However, all merrymaking must end, and for the heroes it ended with a visit from the sheriff, who escorted them all to the town hall. There they meet Mayor Deverin and a strange elf that Zer recognizes as Shalelu; the ranger. Introduced by name and as a ‘unofficial member of the town guard’ she gives a small speech about the goblins and their odd cohesiveness at the raid. She asks if they would like to share a drink, and shares her knowledge of the local goblin tribes with the group over one. Quickly she bows, leaving before the group can ask too many questions.

Later on the group is approached by a small halfling maid by the name of Bethana. She quickly explains she is in the employ of one Ameiko Kaijistu, and hasn’t seen her since the day before. She searched Ameiko’s room just before coming to the group, because who to come to for aid other than the Heroes of Sandpoint themselves? She found an undisturbed bed and a letter the tongue of Ameiko’s people. Fortunately she translated it into common on the opposite side. To summarize, Ameiko went to meet her half-brother Tsuto at the Glassworks the night before. This is a problem, because Tsuto had been expelled from the family after he accused his father of murdering his admittedly adulterist of a mother.

This sends the group to the Glassworks, and a quick survey of the area leads the group to find out that every door is locked and every window is barred and curtained. They find themselves at the back entrance, with Katarina quicly picking two locks before the group finds themselves standing before a group of eight goblins, who are dancing around the corpses of one Longiku Kaijustu and a number of unfortunate dock workers. The group dispatches the glass and blade wielding goblins, but not before one of their number is injured in the process; Kazane. One escaped however, and the group pursued doggedly, if slowly.

Following a flight of stairs underground, the group approaches a split- west or south. After a short deliberation the group walks south, before turning a corner, finding a closed and open door in the hallway. Approaching the open one, they find a half-elf with a bow pointed at the doorway, and a goblin hidden behind his leg. The four try to parley with the man, but an arrow later and they engage in combat. The man manages to take Zer out of the fight with a one-two punch into the previous arrow, pushing it deep into his chest, but ultimately is taken down by the groups concerted efforts. The goblin is short work as well, taking only one blow before falling.

The group opts to take the man alive, for he could be a font of information. Although they do collect a number of pouches of gold and silver and a journal. Wanting to leave quickly, they search the current floor, finding Ameiko unconcious behind a locked door, and one healing spell later she’s on her feet- with aid. Stuttering, she tells the group who the culprit is- only for the group to inform her that they had already taken care of the problem. Subdued, Ameiko has a small smile before insisting that the group have free room and board at her inn for the rest of their natural lives.



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